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Light of Hope

I'm a voyager on a journey, 
Searching for the light, 
Through the dark of night I travel- 
A dim goal in my sight.
The only thing beside me, 
A flame that lights the way, 
It's all I have to guide me- 
And send me on my way.

It's not an easy journey, 
Especially when it rains,
For my flame begins to flicker- 
And fades with all its pain.
Candle smokes, reluctant, 
And I struggle to see,
For black clouds choke- 
And there closing in on me.
These clouds begin to thicken, 
My flame gets too weak,
And my only light is dying- 
Yet I refuse to take a seat

For I will struggle through this darkness,
 And I will reignite my flame,
And I will fight to find that place- 
Where only light remains. 

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