Taking leaps.

Hope. Faith.
Yet- what meanings. It's not something that just happens. I know we may flippantly say "I hope it'll be sunny today". But- that's more of a wish than a hope, I think.  True hope, and true faith are something much, much more. It's knowing, beyond a doubt, that in spite of how things may turn out, in spite of how crazy things may seem- God is still in control. It is being certain that no matter what happens- it'll make sense in the grand scheme of His plan. No matter how it turns out. That is the hard part. 
Our job is not to worry. It's not to fret. (And I'm speaking to myself just as much, if not more, than to you.) I'm the type that wants to have everything planned out months beforehand. Often I'm afraid to "take the leap". To have faith that His arms will be there to catch me. 
I am reminded of the scene in the movie "The Village" when Ivy is standing at the door facing the darkness - hand outstretched- waiting patiently. She shows some fear, but she doesn't waver.She is waiting for the Man that she loves to rescue her. The forbidden to speak of scary "thing" is charging at her to take her with it into the night. Suddenly, He who she loves runs out of the darkness, and in one swoop, pulls her into safety; Not just into the house, but enfolded into His arms. 
You may have noticed that I capitalized Man and He. Yes, I am making a parallel here. I'm sure you can see it. We stand. Facing the darkness- hands outstretched. Waiting for Him who we love. 
That is Hope. That is Faith. It's to simply stand there. Waiting. 
Faith, hope. They  go together in this picture. We are waiting for He who we love to come. Though the storm rages, our life appears in ruins, though the mountains crumble, the world falls apart around us. Still, we wait. Do we say it's hopeless? That all is lost? No! Because that would be telling the Lord that there is nothing He can do for the situation. And you and I both know that this is not true! 
Father, help us to refocus our thinking to that of Hope. Help us to keep pushing forward no matter how the shadows loom or the rain pours. To always keep looking for the best- Your best. Eyes ever fixed on You. Waiting patiently. Knowing that when we take the leap- the arms there to catch us are strong, infinitely loving, and will always be there.


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