Livin' like a Warrior

Hello friends!
This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Floydfest and saw Matisyahu live!!
There is a song that I heard "Live like a Warrior"- the thought struck me... do I live every day living like a warrior?
A dear friend pointed out that most of my life will be made up of ordinary days. But just because a day is ordinary, does that mean *I* have to be? I think not! I want to live the ordinary days extraordinarily.
Part of the lyrics are here:

Some things you should let go, there only gonna pull you down, 
Just like weight on your shoulder they are only gonna make you drown 
We all swing high, we all swing low, 
We all got secrets people don't know 
We all got dreams we can't let go, 
We want to brave, Don't be afraid 
Today, today, live like you wanna, 
Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire, in a fire, in a fire, 
Fight like a Warrior, 
Today, today, live like you wanna, 
Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire, in a fire, in a fire, 
Live like a Warrior 

How to fight and live like a warrior in our everyday life? Don't let the bad things, bad people, icky situations, and hum drum ness  of life bring you down. Dream big, and fight for those dreams, but be willing and able to change. Be adventurous, see the bright side of life. Don't worry about tomorrow- but be vigilant because tomorrow is coming.  Warriors learn from their mistakes. They take lessons learned, or things said and learn from what is truth, and disregard the lies and negativity. Living like a warrior means to not complain and whine over things that you can change. To be adaptable. Warriors are compassionate, (in my mind) they fight for the good of their people. They are courageous. They fight every battle as if it was their last.  They choose the higher calling, and walk a narrow path.
Do I live like a warrior? I want to do and be all of those things.
We only live one life.
  So, as Winston Churchill said: "Never Never Give Up".


  1. Wow Katie!

    I have much I can say about the warrior! I have learned some about our warrior selves and teach about the "Love Warrior" , which comes from "Birthing From Within", in my child birth classes.

    The Warrior in me brought me to a place of freedom and humility as my husband and I faced some hard challenges as we left South Sudan last year as missionaries:). Maybe I will tell you some of the story sometime :). I would love to hear your story!

    Let's plan a time. . .

    Thanks for sharing this!!

    Blessings on your WARRIOR self,



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