Do Something Different

"They laughed because she was different, she laughed because they were all the same."

I saw this quote earlier today, it didn't say who it was by (but I'm sure google knows). Although I've seen it before it struck a particular chord with me today. Perhaps because right now I'm making some decisions that many..well.. most.. normal people would consider strange, perhaps even rash. However, these said decisions are not BAD in nature, nor are they harmful. Just.... different. So far the reactions to them have been quite varied, when I've mentioned them. 

Thinking on the different-ness of these decisions and reflecting some over some of my past decisions on my life I realize that I *AM* rather different. In many ways "counterculture".  First off: home schooled. That's the basis right there- I was counterculture from the start! Not to mention midwifery, moving around apprenticing to midwives, living with Amish people, messianic feast-keeper, lover of things hippie, wearer of flashy skirts, sort of gypsyish in nature. I rarely stay in one place more than a year and a half. It's who I am. 

This day and age people seem to frown on that sort of different, especially not living the "american dream" for my age group.  College. Debt. Husband. House. Debt. Kids.Grandkids. Piles of Debt. 
 (Not that it's ALWAYS this way. I'm talking about the a-typical american burgers-and-baseball dream here.)  They don't seem to frown on being their kind of "Different" (aka worldly and strange). It actually seems like everyone wants to be  that kind of different in some way! To be unique from the rest of the  worldly and strange world... So it's become vogue to be different. I'm not saying I want to be THAT kind of different. It says in the scriptures in Ecclesiastes that "there is nothing new under the sun". Well, that's true! True for me as well, and I realize that. 

So, bottom line to this 3 paragraph long ramble is: just because people don't approve of what you are doing doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. After all, we are to pay attention to the "Audience of One". Aim to please Him only. Seek His approval. If He opens the door and says Go- you GO. No matter what the naysayers chant, your head tells you, or how much you worry about how it will work out. 

<End Ramble>


  1. you go girl! i like you becase you're different! you're carefree and easy going! Guess being set apart makes others think we're crazy.... oh well! Only need to please Yahweh like you said! Hope to see ya soon!


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