Random things. Or- a "get to know me" post.

So, this is a random and pretty much useless post of facts about me.
Here goes.  (This could get interesting. I'm tired, and it's late.) I'll start with generally know, and work down to little known. 
Where to start.....?

- I am in my 23rd year of life, almost 24th if you count womb time. 

-When I was younger I don't ever remember being a size 6 pants or less... Smallest size I remember is size 8. I guess I either skipped, or just didn't care before. 

- I used to think/pretend I was an indian, never wore makeup, and wore a feather in my hair. i had a bow and arrows too. Was pretty good at shooting!

- Walking barefoot is always preferable to shoes

-Black Coffee is the bomb. I usually don't take cream or sugar. But I will take coconut milk if available.

-Midwifery has been my chosen vocation and passion since I was 5 years old. 

-In the past 2.5 years i've moved 10 times. 

-I've never had a real boyfriend. In fact, I rarely think about having a boyfriend at all, at least not for awhile. Perfectly happy single, thank you!

-I have used a taser on a stinkbug.

-People usually think I'm more crazy, or wild, or something... than I actually am. By myself I'm actually pretty boring. 

-Going overseas as a missionary is something I really want to do someday.

-Gardening is fabulous fun, as is pulling weeds. Especially when angry or upset.

-Crying actual real tears is very rare. The most I do is get moisture in my eyes. Unless it's an intense emotion.

-Yelling is not my thing (I rarely do it, VERY rarely) However, if someone yells at me or even raises their voice I'm reduced to tears in minutes.  As mentioned above, tears are very rare. 

- I've attended over 170 births as an assistant, doula, and student midwife. 

- When I drink even a tiny bit of soda I burp for an hour. 

-I'm allergic to wheat, sugar, and corn and anything with wheat, sugar or corn in it. So that's about everything yummy. I usually eat them all anyway. 

-Sleeping in a bright room, with people around, in front of a movie, or on many cups of coffee is no problem at all. 

- The more Messy something is, the more fun it is. And you can usually gauge my level of enjoyment of something by how messy I or the room am.

-My eyes change color, they can be blue, green or grey. Sometimes slightly hazel. 

- I can't stand board games, except on certain occasions. Even then, for a limited time. 

-I LOVE collards, spinach, and other green veggies. But I hate asparagus, and pretty much all squash. 

- Often I pretend I'm invisible. And I think often, I really am (figuratively). 

-I have never fallen asleep at the wheel, or even nodded off. Even after being up over 50 hours straight.

- My big toes are at least an inch bigger/taller than my other toes.  It's like I have the MIGHTY TOE syndrome or something. 

- I usually won't touch someone unless they touch me first. (like a pat, or a hug or something)

- I twist the hem of my shirts around my fingers when I'm nervous. That's why there's often tiny holes on the bottom of all of my shirts. 

-I rarely dream, but when I do dream- it's 9 times out of 10 always a nightmare. 

-I've kept journals since 1996. (I was 7 years old) and I like to go back and read them! 

Well, there you go!! that should be long enough, perhaps too long!!

Hope you were entertained. 

~Kate :)


  1. Just a friend out west :-)December 6, 2012 at 6:34 AM

    interesting how none of those
    seemed "new" to me :-). And it never ceases to amaze me how similar we are....


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