A (VERY RANDOM) picture post.

A recent pic of....ME!

And me- again. holding a deer heart (which I got for my birthday from a friend!!)

Floydfest 2012!
One of my best friends, Alaina. (she came to visit for my birthday) 

My sister Lauren, and "adopted sister"Hope (duck faces. yipes!)

I dyed a bit of my hair purple this summer.

Horseback riding in Buchanan with a friend. 

 My Halloween Costume- a Gypsy!

Picture I painted for a friend.

Dissecting a deer brain with my friend "Wyatt". (Not pictured cause I didn't think he'd want to be on the blog)

A hairdo! (Done by alaina)


A hand bound journal I made for a friend for Christmas. (If you know her, which some of you do- you might see it in person!) I was quite proud of this one... I've made 7 so far. 

Another bestie, Katie and I! We are on top of a mountain- at peaks of otter.

Another picture I painted. 

I hope some of you enjoyed these pictures!! I wanted to put up more, but many were of just me (boring)- or of friends. I wasn't sure if those friends would want their pictures online.

(posted just for YOU. Yes, you *know* who you are.)


  1. Yes....I *know* who I am :). Thank you, M'dear!
    I miss you!


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