God's plans vs My plans

So, I was musing today on God's will for my life... my dreams, desires, hopes- and what I want to accomplish within my lifetime.
I was at Planet Fitness working out on the elliptical watching a bunch of older individuals work out, walk around. Something I noticed- not one of them looked happy.
(Granted, most people don't look overjoyed when working out... but still.)
Now I'm at Cups watching some older and middle aged people as I sit here typing. They don't look too happy either.
The question that comes to mind is this: When I'm old, will I be happy and satisfied with my life, the things I've done, and where I've been.... my path?
Immediately following the question an answer popped in my head like a light turning on.

The question is not 'will *I*  be happy with my life'.
The REAL question is... Will God be happy with my life? It works just like a circle, or a pattern.
If GOD is happy with my life , then I will be happy with  my life; because I followed His plan, and His plans are perfect.

So why do I stress about it? Why do I struggle and mope, search and strive?
If it's in His plan, it will happen.

Sure, there are many many things I WANT to do. (See previous post) But if they aren't in God's plan for me they will be vanity and dead ends and I wouldn't be truly joyful and happy doing them.

Someday I want to be an old lady, and able to tell my children and grandchildren "I followed HIS plan". No matter the ending. I want them to see me happy, content, and joyful; resting in the arms of One Who Loves me.

Oh Abba, help me to trust you to lead. In all circumstances, no matter the cost.


  1. Thought provoking. I was just thinking the other day about how it really doesn't matter if I'M happy, but if GOD'S happy. If God is happy with my actions, my life, then He will give me happiness. It's great to know I don't have to go searching for happiness in this life!!

    (Oh, and I like the new bloggy look!)


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