Gadzooks. It might SNOW (a rant on crazy VA people)

So, I don't often rant...but sometimes I do. This is one of the times I do.

I'm not a panicky person, and sometimes panicky people annoy me. As does freaking out over un-necessary things. Snow isn't really one of those things to freak out over, I don't think. The drecho this past summer.... yes THAT was a big deal. Snow? Nope. People up north carry on normal lives in several feet of snow, and actually like it! Soooo.....

First off, I'll believe it's going to snow when I SEE IT SNOWING AND STICKING.
Until then, no.
I've heard multiple reports- ranging from 1-3 inches, all the way up to 9 inches. Great.
People have already canceled babysitting. *shakes head* Gee. Thanks y'all. I kinda needed that money.

And no, I'm NOT going to run to walmart to get my bread, milk, eggs, and other things panicky crazy VA people get when we might be snowed under and unable to go ANYWHERE at 1-3 inches.
I mean, lets face it...we will starve in the possible 24 hours it MIGHT stick here in central VA.
 So QUICK! Buy bread, milk, and eggs,how about a plant to brighten up the room?, extra batteries, a new toilet seat, enough beans and rice to feed africa, lettuce, maybe some ammo in case we need to hunt squirrels, skis, gummy bears, lanterns, some extra camping gear for good measure, and a giant snow shovel (for our 1-3 inches of snow), and maybe a bit more milk. Never know...

I'm feeling sarcastic. Can you tell?

Now I feel better. 


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