Runaway Gypsy Song

I want to buy a one way ticket
and fly away from here
but I can't cause i've got a fear
of never being found

But why not? It's all relative.
Why not just escape?
go on an adventure
Throw caution to the winds

My heart is wanting freedom
but my head is saying no
to be, and live
far from these normal chains

Im in a rut, and I want out
This is my Runaway Gypsy song
Wild on free
It has a hold on me.

So do I follow my heart?
Or let my  mind win.
I know what you would say.
But that can't hold me down

But still I wonder
If I ran away from here
Would there be ties
Or would all be gone?

would I lose all I've gained?
If I just disappeared?
Yes... and no...
I might gain a whole lot too.


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